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Flooded Vehicle?

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Vehicle Flooded? It's all right... Baker Nissan knows what to do, and we're here to help.

On life's big list of stresses, watching your vehicle fall victim to high water is somewhere near the top. Many of our friends and neighbors are without power, vehicles, and even shelter due to the storm. But, the important thing is that you and your family are safe, and your Nissan Altima can be fixed.
So... what happens next?

Baker Nissan is ready to help. We'd also like to share this straightforward list of 9 Steps to Follow When Your Vehicle's Been Flooded. If you or a friend had a vehicle unlucky enough to be damaged by this week's storm, we hope this will help.

We've also picked out some discounts to lend a hand to get your vehicle back to pre-loss condition & take the edge off this surprise expense. Good luck, and remember: we're here to help!

9 STEPS TO FOLLOW when your vehicle's been flooded:

1 DO NOT START A FLOODED VEHICLE until it has been inspected and cleaned.
2 Contact our repair facility immediately to have your vehicle brought in so that a full inspection can be performed and to remove all interior trim ASAP in order to minimize prolonged exposure to water.
3 Contact your insurance agent as soon as you can to report your vehicle's exposure to water.
4 Give Baker Nissan a call at 855-585-5085 to have the flooded vehicle inspected.
5 Have your service technician inspect all mechanical components, including the engine, transmission, axles, brakes, and fuel system for water contamination.
6 The technician will also need to flush and replace ALL fluids, oils and lubricants, as well as all filters and gaskets that were exposed to water. Any lingering water will further damage your vehicle.
7 In many cases, it's also important to clean brake parts and repack the bearings, especially in rear-wheel drive vehicles. (In front-wheel drive vehicles, bearings are sealed against water.)
8 Consider replacing any padding and insulation, since many modern varieties don't dry out easily. This will prevent mold and mildew that may harm the vehicle. A small fix now--which may cost as little as $100--may save you a pricey repair later.
9 Make sure your service technician inspects all wiring and electrical components that got wet. Some of them are well-protected and may be fine, but even these can be damaged if they remain in the water too long. Source: National Auto Dealers Association (NADA)

$200 towards YOUR DEDUCTIBLE on any repair over $1,000
No further discounts apply. No cash value. Present coupon at time of service write-up. Limit two coupons per customer. Offer expires 05/19/2016.

15% OFF Any Fluid Replacement
No further discounts apply. No cash value. Some models may be higher. Present coupon at time of service write-up. Limit two coupons per customer. Offer expires 05/19/2016.

See dealer for details. Plus tax. Present upon arrival. One per customer. No cash value. Some models higher. No further discounts apply. Offer expires 05/19/2016.

3 FREE DAYS of a LOANER VEHICLE with any insurance repair over $1,000
Extra charge may apply for loaner vehicle upgrades. Present coupon at time of service write-up. Limit two coupons per customer. Must show proof of insurance, valid driver's license, and fulfill all eligibility requirements for vehicle rental. Offer expires 05/19/2016.

To schedule your service appointment click HERE or call 855-585-5085.